Next.js 14 Blog with App Router and MDX

Explore a Next.js 14 project demonstrating the new App Router, server actions, and MDX integration for streamlined blog creation.

April 12, 2024 (1mo ago) | πŸ“– 5 min read


Next.js 14 introduces the new App Router, enabling seamless navigation and server actions for enhanced user experiences. This project showcases the power of the App Router by creating a dynamic blog with MDX integration. Leveraging server components and actions, it ensures efficient server-side rendering and enhanced SEO capabilities. With Next.js 14, building a blog has never been easier, offering a streamlined development experience and robust performance.


  • App Router: Utilize the new App Router for seamless navigation and server actions.
  • Server Components: Enhance server-side rendering with server components for efficient data fetching.
  • Server Actions: Implement server actions for dynamic server logic and enhanced performance.
  • MDX Integration: Integrate MDX for creating dynamic and interactive blog posts.
  • SEO Optimization: Ensure optimal SEO performance with server-side rendering and efficient routing.
  • Dynamic Blog: Create a dynamic blog with Next.js 14, offering a streamlined development experience.
  • Responsive Design: Deliver a responsive design for optimal user experiences across devices.
  • Code Highlighting: Implement code highlighting for enhanced readability and user engagement.
  • Dark Mode: Enable dark mode for a personalized and immersive reading experience.

Tech - Stack

Acme Auth harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional performance and security:

  • React: Drive the frontend with React for dynamic and responsive user interfaces.
  • Next.js: Utilize Next.js for server-side rendering, efficient routing, and enhanced SEO capabilities.
  • Express: Construct a robust backend with Express for seamless handling of server logic.
  • MongoDB: Securely store and manage user data with MongoDB, a scalable NoSQL database.
  • JWT: Implement JWT tokens for secure authentication and authorization, enhancing system security.
  • TypeScript: Enhance code reliability and maintainability with TypeScript's static typing.
  • MDX: Integrate MDX for creating dynamic and interactive blog posts.
  • Tailwind CSS: Utilize Tailwind CSS for rapid UI development and responsive design.
  • Suger-high: Super lightweight JSX syntax highlighter, around 1KB after minified and gzipped.


In conclusion, Next.js 14 Blog with App Router and MDX integration offers a glimpse into the future of web development. By leveraging the new App Router, server components, and MDX, developers can create dynamic and interactive blogs with ease. This project demonstrates the power of Next.js 14 in streamlining development workflows and enhancing user experiences. With the latest features and technologies, Next.js 14 sets a new standard for building modern web applications.