True Feedback - Where your identity remains a secret

Explore a Next.js 14 project that dive into the World of Anonymous Feedback.

May 4, 2024 (2w ago) | πŸ“– 4 min read

True Feedback

Acme Auth


True Feedback is a Next.js 14 project that delves into the realm of anonymous feedback. It provides a platform where users can express their thoughts and opinions without revealing their identity. This project showcases the capabilities of Next.js 14, including server actions, Supabase integration, and Next-Auth for user authentication.


  • Anonymous Feedback: Users can submit feedback without disclosing their identity, fostering a safe and open environment for sharing thoughts and ideas.
  • Server Actions: Next.js 14's server actions enable efficient handling of user feedback, allowing for real-time updates and enhanced interactivity.
  • Supabase Integration: Supabase serves as the project's database, providing a robust and scalable solution for storing and managing feedback data.
  • Next-Auth: Next-Auth ensures secure user authentication, allowing users to create accounts and access the platform's features.


  • Increased User Engagement: By providing a safe space for anonymous feedback, True Feedback encourages users to actively participate and share their perspectives.
  • Improved User Experience: The platform's intuitive interface and seamless user flow enhance the overall user experience, making it easy for users to provide feedback.
  • Enhanced Data Collection: The anonymous nature of the platform encourages users to provide honest and unbiased feedback, leading to richer and more valuable data for analysis.

Tech - Stack

Following are the tech stack used in this project:

  • Next.js: Utilize Next.js for server-side rendering, efficient routing, and enhanced SEO capabilities.
  • Supabase: Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative that provides a comprehensive set of tools for building modern web applications.
  • Authjs (Next-auth v5): Effortless user authentication for Next.js applications.
  • JWT: Implement JWT tokens for secure authentication and authorization, enhancing system security.
  • TypeScript: Enhance code reliability and maintainability with TypeScript's static typing.
  • Tailwind CSS: Utilize Tailwind CSS for rapid UI development and responsive design.
  • ShadcnUI: Elevate the user experience with modern UI frameworks, offering sleek and intuitive interfaces.


True Feedback is a Next.js 14 project that revolutionizes the way feedback is collected and shared. By leveraging the latest technologies and best practices, it creates a secure and anonymous environment for users to express their thoughts and ideas. This project serves as a testament to the power of Next.js 14 and its potential to transform the way we gather and utilize feedback.