Blogs 3

MDX and Next.js: A Powerful Combination

Unleash the power of MDX and Next.js to create interactive web content. This article explores their basics and how they work together.

Custom Component In MDX and Nextjs

A guide to create reusable components

A Deep Dive To Next.js 14 Server Actions

Harness the power of Next.js 14 Server Actions for streamlined data fetching and mutations in your Nextjs applications.

Projects 3

Acme Auth: A Next.js Based Authentication

Discover how Acme Auth, a robust full-stack authentication system crafted with React, Next.js, Express, and MongoDB, empowers seamless user authentication, signup, login, logout, and password reset functionalities.

Next.js 14 Blog with App Router and MDX

Explore a Next.js 14 project demonstrating the new App Router, server actions, and MDX integration for streamlined blog creation.

True Feedback - Where your identity remains a secret

Explore a Next.js 14 project that dive into the World of Anonymous Feedback.

Snippets 2

How to add copy to clipboard button.

Adding copy button in mdx in next js app router

Adding Dark Mode to a Next.js App with TailwindCSS

Discover how to effortlessly implement a dark mode feature in your Next.js application using TailwindCSS.